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Harness the power of nature 

Essential oil blends that help you
feel balanced and healthy.
For skin, hair, mind & heart.

Deer Heart Solutions creates hand-crafted all-natural essential oil blends for the care of skin, hair, body, mind, and heart. From serums to nourish your skin to aromatherapy that helps you stop smoking, our oils are 100% plant-based, ethically sourced, and highly effective.

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Handmade with Your Safety In Mind

Deer Heart Solutions makes each product by hand in small batches.
We implement a strict safety protocol which was developed following GMP - the international cosmetics industry's manufacturing practices.
Developed with Intention from Ancient Wisdom

Years of study and research went into creating these blends in partnership with people who truly needed them.

Each ingredient has a purpose.

There are no fillers or additives.

Cruelty-Free &
100% Plant-Based


Every bottle is just pure, plant essence in liquid gold form.

No animal testing, 


No artificial additives.


Even the preservatives are plant-based!

In Support of Sustainability & Community

The carrier oils are guaranteed pure, organic & cruelty-free

The essential oils are sourced from an internationally reputable company with high ethical standards. Most are ECOCERT verified, Kosher, organic, gluten-free, and purchased through Fair Trade. 

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Values Rooted in Earth Ethics 

100% Plant-Based

No Fillers

Organic When Possible

 Ethically Sourced


Close to Zero Waste

Ensuring Safe Practices in Development & Manufacturing

Deer Heart Solutions follows the framework of ideas shared by Nobel. While we are but a small business selling beauty products and beautiful smells - we believe we can do our best work and provide the best products if we always strive to do our best in the areas of Education, Science, Medicine, Economics, and Humanity. We do this so that we can all find balance and peace within ourselves, our communities, and beyond.  Learn more at Our Story.