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Thieves in the Night Thieves Blend Nighttime Remix organic Aromatherapy Hand oil by Deer Heart Solutions
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Antibacterial Hand Serum

Purify & Relax

​There's a tale of four thieves who would rob the dead during the Bubonic Plague, but they never got ill. This sinister crew was said to have herbs and spices in their clothing and masks - cloves, lemons, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You might say their penance was gifting the world the thieves blend of essential oils.

For Thieves in the Night, we added Sweet Orange and Himalayan Cedarwood, playing to the Clove and Cinnamon’s spicy, exotic, and romantic vibes. (Cinnamon actually enhances the libido.) The result is a rich and sensual aroma that creates a warm environment and also boosts the function of your immune system and eliminates bacteria and other pathogens.


  • Promotes easier breathing & eases congestion  

  • Relieves throat infections & coughs  

  • Boosts immune system function & circulation  

  • Improves metabolic function  

  • Deodorizes, disinfects & cleanses skin of bacteria, viruses, mold & other pollutants  

  • Relieves inflammation, headaches & sore muscles