When the cigarette craving hits, strike it down, every time - and kick the habit for good!

Craving Killer No.1 Smoking Cessation Aid by Deer Heart Solutions


Smoking Cessation Aid

Aromatherapy Inhaler

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While you quit smoking you battle psychological and physical addictions. Craving Killer No.1 helps you overcome both. These cravings are strongest in the first several days. They ease up but return strong again at three weeks, three months, and even a year or more later. But, no matter when those cigarettes try to charm their way back into your life, Craving Killer will strike them down, helping you kick the smoking habit for good.

Craving Killer No.1 Aromatherapy Inhaler was specially formulated to help people quit smoking tobacco products. The essential oils in this aromatherapy blend have been shown to alleviate somatic symptoms (physical withdrawals) and negative affect symptoms. Negative affect is emotional distress, or, the confluence of anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, guilt, shame, and irritability. You know - those feelings that take up some much space when you try to quit smoking.

The use of the inhaler uses similar physical motions as lighting a cigarette and the Black Pepper Essential Oil has been shown to provide a sensation in the chest that is similar to taking a drag off a cigarette.

In all my many years of trying to stop smoking - and failing time and again - Craving Killer was the one thing that actually worked.

One inhaler can last several months and costs around the same as a pack of smokes.

  • Stems urges & stops cravings

  • Provides respiratory tract sensations similar to those felt when smoking, which are important in alleviating smoking withdrawal symptoms

  • ​Helps release feelings of fear, anxiety, regret & anger

  • Improves focus & concentration

  • Improves short-term memory & cognitive function

  • Calms nerves & soothes emotions

  • Helps filter out negativity so you can focus on what's important

  • Balances mood swings & Improves mood

  • Decreases inflammation & Improves circulation

  • Opens airways for easier breathing


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