Get the support needed to change habits & strike down those cravings.

CRAVING KILLER No. 2 - Diet Changes Support by Deer Heart Solutions


Diet Change Support

Aromatherapy Inhaler

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Wanting to cut down on sugar and curb your cravings for snacks? Are you making some other significant change to your diet? It's not just about losing weight. Maybe you're going vegan and need to get the idea of bacon out of your mind. Our maybe you're an athlete who is training so need to push away the thoughts of potatoes and croissants.

Food cravings happen for many reasons. The brain regions responsible for memory, pleasure, and reward play a role in food cravings. Cravings also involve the appetite centers of the brain, even though they tend to be separate from hunger. Changes in hormones can cause cravings, too.

Craving Killer No.2 is a specially formulated blend of essential oils that help curb cravings, aid in digestion, and suppress the hormone that triggers hunger. Whatever the food craving and whatever the reason for the change in diet, Craving Killer No.2 will be a support to your new diet and nutrition plan.

  • Increases release of Leptin, the hormone that suppresses hunger & gives the feeling of being satiated.​

  • Suppresses release of ghrelin, the "hunger" hormone"​

  • Eases feelings of anxiety

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Calming & Uplifting

  • Reduces water retention

  • Eases stress & reduces cortisol, which can cause cravings for sugar & carbs

  • Helps improve absorption of nutrients

  • Helps maintain healthy blood glucose

  • Protects the body against oxidative stress


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