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YA BAD SELF aromatherapy for a broken heart by Deer Heart Solutions


Empower & Uplift

Aromatherapy Inhaler

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Ya Bad Self is aromatherapy that helps a hurting heart recover from a break up or other lost relationship. It inspires compassion and forgiveness and soothes sorrow in times of loss. It helps calm you as you reflect on your path forward. It imbues you with confidence and reminds you of the strength and resilience you carry.

But it also just smells amazing.

  • Releases feelings anger, worry & loneliness

  • Eases sadness & grief during times of loss

  • Reduces stress

  • Balances & soothes emotions & aids with emotional healing

  • Calming, relaxing & grounding

  • Bolsters confidence

  • Encourages a calm, positive outlook

  • Motivates

  • Allows you to tap into resiliency

  • Uplifts your mood

  • Filters out negative energy


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No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free Health and Beauty Care Products by Deer Heart
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The blend has been diluted so it is safe for applying to skin. Topical aromatherapy works in two ways. You get the immediate benefit of the aroma. And, the essential oil compounds enters your bloodstream through your skin. Rub the roller ball on any of these pulse points so the scent will be released for longer periods:

  • inner wrists

  • base of the throat

  • behind ears lobes

  • the top, back of ear