Bath Bouillon

A beautiful way to bathe

Bath time is sacred. It gives us rare moments of solitude and becomes a time for reflection. It's a time for cleansing - to wash away impurities, negative thoughts, and stress. It's a time for regeneration, where we can emerge fresh and supple and relaxed.

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Deer Heart Solutions' Bath Bouillon is a safe and effective way to deliver gorgeous aromas and a  wide range of benefits. Just add 2-4 tablespoons of Bath Bouillon to your bath water to benefit from a custom essential oil blend, soothing oat flour, moisturizing coconut milk powder, and softening sunflower oil. Then sit back and relax.

8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats - $24.99

8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats & Coconut Milk - $24.99


Lightness of Being eases stress, anxiety, and depression, uplifts your spirits, and helps you find a way to be in the present moment.

Repose & Resilience helps to calm the turbulant, negative emotions felt while grieving or processing trauma, giving you a clear mind so you can better navigate the changes in your life.


If your heart hurts from a lost relationship - from a break-up or the death of a loved one - but you're ready to move forward, Heart Mend can help you find compassion, forgiveness, confidence, and optimism.

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Why not just sell bath salts?

I spend a lot of time in the bath - it is one of my favorite ways to engage in self-care. But while I love bath time as much as I love beautiful aromas, I have never been a fan of bath salts. And there were key reasons to not include them in our products.

Salt & Epsom Salt are not carriers for essential oils by themselves.

The majority of bath salts for sale do not include a solubiliser/emulsifier, which is necessary for the safe dispersal of essential oil into the bath water. When the salts dissolve, they leave the essential oils to float on the top of the water. This increases the risk of a bad reaction and we don't get the benefit of the oils as easily because there is a far lower amount absorbed into our body.

It takes a lot of Epsom salt to reap the benefits.

Epsom salts are wonderful - when used correctly. It's a great way to get our magnesium, which plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. But that requires at least 2 cups of magnesium in your bath. And some studies say that it would better to use as much as 4-5 cups per bath. A bath bomb just doesn't cut it.

It just isn't sustainable or affordable to do scented bath salts right.

Deer Heart Solutions proudly sells products where every ingredient serves a purpose. To do that with bath salts, I would need to sell 5 pound bags. This would take an ton of emulcifier and essential oils, making the cost impossibly high. And shipping salts to Deer Heart for blending and shipping bath salts to you would just raise the cost even more. considering Epsom Salts are readily available at low cost, it would be an unneccessary strain on our environment. 


100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free

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Looking for something particular?

Deer Heart Solutions does custom blends!