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​​Dare to be different - comfortable in your sense of self and without a care of what others think.

Hulihee Mountain vegan beard oil by Deer Heart Solutions


Moisturize & Relax

Beard & Face Serum

Hulihee Mountain Beard Oil & After Shave Serum helps you feel grounded, relaxed, stress free, and uplifted - as if you are vacationing at a cabin in the woods or adventuring around the islands, even though you’re probably on your way to work.

While you stroll through your day, looking and feeling amazing, exuding that special laissez faire attitude reserved for those who are truly confident and un-swayed by what others think, Hulihee Mountain is working hard to soften and protect your hair and skin.

Beneficial to both beards and freshly shaved skin. Just what a Hulihee beard needs.

  • Soothes beard itch & reduces dandruff

  • Balances sebum production

  • Smooths fine lines & reduce the signs of aging

  • Helps to Increase blood flow to hair follicles to encourage hair growth

  • Soothes irritated skin & reduces redness, razor bumps & razor burn

  • Prevents moisture loss

  • Help recover from small shaving cuts & scars

  • Reduces hair fall

  • Tightens & tones skin

  • Softens skin & hair

  • Enhances overall skin texture

  • Increases shine of beard

  • Reduces emotional exhaustion & fatigue

  • Increases alertness & focus

  • Improves mental clarity, cognitive function & short-term memory

  • Uplifts your mood & eases stress

  • Relaxes mind while boosting energy

  • Helps you let go of feelings of worry or regret & live in the present moment

  • Enhances ability to draw on inner strength & tap into resiliency & adaptability

  • Encourages emotional strength during challenging times

  • Promotes healthy personal power, self-worth & courage



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