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Seven Skins Method

Wonderfully hydrated skin

At Deer Heart Solutions, we don't see oil and water as opposites that push each other away. They are sisters - working together to keep our skin, body, mind, and heart balanced and healthy.

In order for the oil blends to do their best work, our skin must be well hydrated - from scalp to face to body. Our skincare routine was inspired by the Korean "Seven Skins" method of adding toner as many as seven times.

Deer Heart Solutions' Harmony Toners are actually blends of floral waters, distilled water, and aloe Vera Juice. Floral waters - or hydrosols - are a byproduct of the steam distillation process used to create many essential oils. Hydrosols contain both microscopic particles of essential oil as well as beneficial plant compounds that are water-soluble and thus not present in essential oils. 

Seven Skins Method

of Americans are chronically dehydrated

We encourage using a method similar to the Korean method, Seven Skins - named as such because toners and essence products are called 'skins' on that side of the pond and because they use as many as 7 times (or more) in one session. This method allows for maximum hydration and can help balance pH levels and sebum production. You end up with plump and supple skin that is ready to take on the products to follow.

The beauty of this method is that you can incorporate multiple types of toners into your routine, which will allow you to expand the benefits that toner can offer. 

How to Apply

  • Using a toner of your choice, such as Harmony Toner C, spray your face and neck until it is damp, 4-6 times. The amount will vary depending on how thirsty your skin is, the humidity where you live, etc.

  • While your skin absorbs the toner, do not let air dry, because much of the toner will jut evaporate. Rather, tap your fingers around your face and neck. Do NOT  rub.  Tapping will help with circulation, can help improve absorption, and will turn the process into a ritual of loving yourself. 

  • Using the same method, apply the same toner at least 2 more times but as many as 6 or 7 times. But why use just one toner when you can use several and expand the benefits you receive? We specifically formulated the three Harmony Toners so they can be used by themselves or together in this method.

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