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Customized Oil Blends

Let's see what we can mix up!

The idea for Deer Heart Solutions came from the joy I felt when creating custom blends for friends and family - whether they were healing a broken heart, struggling with anxiety, or tackling acne-prone skin. The joy is still there - in every bottle - and I would love to create a custom blend for you. 

The purchase of a custom blends includes:

  • a consultation (email or Zoom)

  • research and development of your blend

  • a sample mailed to you

  • 1 round of adjustments

  • a bottle of the final blend


The price may increase depending on the oils selected and the size of product you want. The final product will not be mixed until you approve the blend and the price. 

Your custom blend is kept on file. When it's time to re-order, you will pay the current price as a comprable product.

15 ml Essential Oil Blend - $75
10 ml Topical Aromatherapy - $50

Aromatherapy Inhaler - $50
10 ml Fragrance - $50
15 ml Beard Oil - $75
100 ml Body Oil - $50
30 ml Hair & Scalp Oil - $50
15 ml Face Serum - $75

Custom Blend Inquiry

Prior to purchase or in addition to your purchase, please let me know of your interest and what type of oil you want.