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But you can have the last laugh.

Dry Wit

Hair & Scalp Oil

It’s no joke when winter reeks havoc on your hair.

30 ml - $38.99

15 ml Trial Size - $21.99

Dry, brittle, frizzy hair with split ends and an itchy scalp. It's the worst. Thanks, winter. It's all due to lack of moisture. Dry Wit Hair & Scalp Oil is a silky smooth blend of organic oils and essential oils that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to moisturize  your hair and scalp while also providing protection from environmental toxins and UV light. 

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Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E





Linoleic Fatty Acid


Oleic Fatty Acid

Palmitic Acid

Have the last laugh

  • Replenishes lost moisture and helps retain moisture

  • Prevents helps split ends

  • Soothes itchy, dry skin

  • Acts as a natural protective barrier, protecting from environmental toxins & UV

  • Softens and strengthens hair

  • Prevents hair fall or thinning hair

  • Prevents breakage

  • Enhances scalp circulation to improve growth and resiliency

  • Helps recover from brittle or frizzy hair

  • Increase hair's elasticity

  • Restore shine to dull, lifeless hair

  • Helps detangle

  • High heat resistance 

  • Antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties to help keep scalp healthy


Properties & Skin Benefits


(softens and soothes)


(draws moisture in)


(retains moisture)



(helps heal wounds)





Aromatherapy Benefits

Eases emotional exhaustion

Grounding & Relaxing

Uplifts mood

Eases signs of depression

Soothes emotions

Improves mental clarity & focus

When first applied, the aroma is predominantly sage. It is calming, and grounding, helping to find your center. As this top note fades, you are left with a spicy blend of Cinnamon and Black Pepper with a subltle hint of Sweet Orange. 


Our hair and beard oils are highly concentrated, so you only need to use a few drops per application. This blend of oils is highly versatile.

Styling Aid - Tame Frizz & Add Shine
  • Place 1-2 drops of oil in the palms of your hands.

  • Rub your hands together to warm the oil and evenly distribute it on palms and fingers.

  • Lightly brush your hands across the top of your hair.

  • Run your fingers through your hair, focusing more on the middle and end of the length.

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Overnight Treatment for Dry, Itchy Scalp
  • Apply 5-10 drops to your fingertips. (Can do in smaller amounts for each area of your scalp to avoid drip).

  • Gently rub the oil into your scalp.

  • Apply more as necessary - you do not need to saturate your hair and the oil will quickly penetrate into your scalp.

  • Leave in overnight and wash as normal the next morning.

  • Use once a week or once a month, depending on thirst-level.

Overnight Treatment for Dry, Brittle Hair

Can be applied to dry hair or slightly damp hair.

  • Before bed, apply 5-10 drops to the palms of your hands.

  • Rub your hads together to warm the oil and evenly distribute it across your hands and fingers.

  • Gently clasp a small section of hair and run your hand down to the tips.

  • Focus on the middle and ends of the length of your hair, not the roots (unless you are doing a scalp treatment, as well.)

  • Apply more as necessary - you do not need to completely saturate your hair. Your hair will start absorbing the oil immediately.

  • Leave in overnight and wash as normal the next morning.

  • Use once a week or once a month, depending on thirst-level.

Hot Oil Treatment for Dry, Brittle, Thinning Hair

Because you will be saturating your hair, you will need to dilute the blend in a carrier oil appropriate for your hair type. Use argan oil for thick or curly hair, sweet almond oil for finer or straight hair, oir a blend of the two for wavy hair.

Shampoo twice and then condition as usual. Make sure all the oil has rinsed out, completely. To help remove excess oil or any soap product left behind, consider rinsing your hair with a vingear rinse (1 part Apple Cider Viengar, 10 parts water) and then a  thorough rinse with water.

  • Apply to clean, slightly damp hair.

  • Add 2 ml (2 full droppers) of the hair oil blend to 2-3 tablespoons of carrier oil.

  • Do not warm oil in a microwave as it is difficult to regulate the temperature and you will sap the nutrients out. Instead, melt in a glass or metal cook-safe bowl:

    • Option 1: Double-boil methid, with the bowl sitting on top of a pot of water that you bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, check the hair oil every 10 second until it is warm but not too hot to touch.

    • ​Option 2: Sit the glass bowl or dish in a pot of water, making sure the water level is lower than the edge of the dish. On a lower heat, heat the pot of water but do not bring to a boil. check the hair oil temperature frequently to make sure it does not get too hot.
  • Before applying oil to your hair, test a small amount on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Let rest a minute if it is then test again.

  • Run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to detangle and place a towel over your shoulders

  • Dip your finger tips into the warmed oil and gently rub the warm oil into your scalp and the roots of your hair. Add more oil to your fingertips as necessary.

  • Dip your fingertips into the oil then clasp a small section of hair. Run your hands along the full length of the section of hair, root to tip.

  • Repeat until all hair has received a first coating.

  • Repeat until all the oil has been applied or until all of your hair is saturated. It does not have to be dripping wet with oil, but it's ok if it is.

  • Twist up your hair and put on a shower cap or a damp warm towel. Leave on for at least 20 minutes or even overnight.

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100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free

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30 ml - $38.99

15 ml Trial Size - $21.99

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