Life have you spinning out?

Find balance and grounding during times of anxious worry and manic panic.

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Anti-Anxiety Aromatherapy Inhaler


Equilibrium Inhaler Aromatherapy was created with my dear friend who worked hard to find ways to manage his anxiety, depression, and Bipolar Disorder. It was a painful struggle but he relished having this inhaler for those times when he felt like he was "spinning out."

In this crazy world of fear and loneliness, it's important to find the tools that help you separate from your negative thoughts. Essential oils cannot cure depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, or any other mental or emotional condition. But, activating your olfactory is an excellent tool for helping 'be' in the present moment. You can turn your thoughts away from those things that give rise to fear and worry, and focus on something outside of yourself. 

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Bundle of 3 Small Inhalers - $21.99


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"As soon as I use this, it just seems to be easier to calm down and not be so overwhelmed by everything."

Andrew (Santa Fe, NM)

* Only tested on consenting humans


Aromatherapy inhalers are one of the quickest ways to experience the benefits of an essential oil. The cotton wick inside is saturated with pure essential oils - they are not diluted by a carrier oil. When you inhale the essential oil, the aromatic compounds quickly enter your system through the bronchioles and avioles in your lungs. You don't need to wear the scent or have it diffused into a room. Aromatherapy inhalers use stronger oil - so, within seconds you can start to feel more grounded.

When you feel tense, stressed, anxious, fearful, or you are in a state of manic panic, a deep inhalation from Equilibrium will help you immediately redirect your thoughts. This can help you find a quiet moment of calm so you can find your center and feel more grounded.


Get grounded

  • Helps you focus & find clarity

  • Soothes & Relaxes

  • Uplifts the mood while becoming calm & grounded

  • Ease anxious feelings

  • Purge negativity

  • Be in the present moment

  • Ease mental & emotional exhaustion
  • Move passed anger

What the symbolism means

The crane has been revered and honored by cultures around the globe for thousands of years. They are good omens, symbols of wisdom and ancient knowledge - the knowledge we all have within us. Cranes are symbols of grace, joy for life, good fortune, and peace. Their large wings can carry us to a higher spiritual enlightenment. The crane shows us how to be grounded, to be peaceful and still, and reminds us of the importance of balance. 

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How to use

Steady the emotions. Remind yourself of the importance of self-nurturing and self-care. 


With your first inhalation, close your eyes. Breathe in the scent through one nostril, slowly counting to five. Hold your breath for a second, then exhale.


Take several breaths without the inhaler, deep and slow. Imagine your body is a vessel, and the air is filling you from your belly and up your chest, washing over your heart. 

Take another inhalation with the other nostril. Slow and deep. Hold your breath for a moment as you allow yourself to anchor in place.

Free from nagging thoughts, you can listen for the deep wisdom you have within yourself. You can find clarity.

You can release the worry and fear, and, at least in this moment, you can be calm, balanced, and a little lighter.  


100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free

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Inhaler - $9.99

3 Inhalers - $21.99

Should the listed price prove to be difficult to pay, please email me. I will give you a coupon for an additional discount or a free inhaler. 

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