It's no joke when you have dry hair & itchy scalp. But you can have the last laugh.

Dry With Hair Oil organic blends by Deer Heart Solutions


Moisturize & Center

Hair Treatment

Sage botanical line drawing

Dry, brittle, frizzy hair with split ends, itchy scalp - Winter can be the worst. Dry Wit is a silky smooth blend of oils that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to moisturize hair while also providing protection from environmental toxins (free radicals).

This blend starts with the grounding scent of sage followed by pure spiciness of Black Pepper and Cinnamon and a subtle hint of cheerful Sweet Orange. The aromatherapy eases emotional exhaustion, helps uplift your mood while easing symptoms of depression and helps provide mental clarity.

  • Improves circulation to promote hair growth 

  • Soothes irritation & reduces itchiness 

  • Moisturizes hair & scalp 

  • Tightens Hair Follicles 

  • Balances sebum to reduce oil 

  • Clears scalp build up 

  • Softens hair 

  • Adds shine 

  • Helps to reduce hair fall/loss 

  • Improves hair texture

  • Eases emotional exhaustion & fatigue

  • Grounding & relaxing while uplifting & energizing  

  • Eases symptoms of anxiety & depression  

  • Soothes negative emotions  

  • Improves mental clarity, focus & short-term memory

  • Helps to purge negative energy

  • Replenishes waning energy

  • Stimulates, clarifies, and grounds the mind & spirit

  • Uplifts the mood

  • Promotes emotional balance

  • Enhances memory recall



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