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Tenacious Love Aromatherapy Body Oil by by Deer Heart Solutions


Moisturize & Release Fear

Hair Treatment

Neroli botanical line drawing

​Tenacious Love is a moisturizing blend of oils designed to bring your curls back to full bounce. Reduce frizz and split ends, improve manageability, and boost the shine.

This blend includes some of the most powerful oils for moisturizing and conditioning dry, brittle hair, including:

  • Apricot Kernel, which boosts elasticity

  • Argan, which softens and protects

  • Avocado, which has a high vitamin content and penetrates quickly and deeply

  • Sacha Inchi, an oil from Peru that has record-high amounts of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, making it an amazing moisturizer and conditioner.

  • Jamaican Black Castor, a thick moisturizing oil that penetrates deeply, acts as a powerful sealant, and opens the hair follicles to helps the other ingredients penetrate the scalp

  • Jojoba, which regulates and balances sebum production

  • Sour Cherry Seed Oil, which is great for rejuvenating damaged, brittle hair

  • Strawberry Seed Oil, which makes your hair silky soft with boosted shine

  • Sweet Almond, which softens and conditions

The aroma is a bright, green blend of Neroli, Linden Blossom, Palmarosa, Tea Tree, and Rose with a base of Vetiver - all of which support healthy hair.

  • Hydrates & locks in moisture 

  • Improves circulation & promotes hair growth  

  • Amps up the volume & shine

  • Reduces frizz & split ends

  • Softens & improves hair texture 

  • Helps detangle & improves manageability & curl definition

  • Soothes itchy scalp 

  • Balances sebum production & reduces oiliness 

  • Improves elasticity & prevents breakage

  • Prevents hair follicles getting water logged during washing

  • Has high heat resistance 

  • Calming yet energizing

  • Filters out negative energy

  • Provides mental clarity

  • Helps you find a place of personal awareness

  • Ease feelings of anxiety, stress & depression

  • Calms nerves & eases tension

  • Releases fear, grief, & regret 

  • Helps you manage crisis & uncertain times

  • Emboldens & empowers



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