Caring for our hair is not vanity. For some who feel they have no voice, their hair is a poetic expression of their individuality. For some who felt shame about their natural hair because others used it as a weapon of division, caring for their locks is now a love of ancestors and is an empowering celebration of cultural identity. For those who are in the darkness of their thoughts, caring for their hair is a step toward caring for themselves. 

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Hair, Scalp & Beard Oils

Our hair speaks volumes

No fillers.

No additives.

Balanced perfumery notes.

Aromatherapy WHICH complimentS the treatment.

Deer Heart Solutions has specially formulated hair, scalp, and beard oils that help keep your skin healthy, your and facial hair strong with a natural shine, and you looking fantastic. This line continues to grow as we develop oil treatments for each type of hair, hair conditions, and scalp conditions. If we currently do not have a product that suits your hair type or issue, please contact us.

Lion's Mane Beard Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin and hair. And it has an uplifting scent to start your day. A good choice to encourage growth.

30 ml - $32.99
15 ml Trial Size - $18.99


It’s no joke when winter wreaks havoc on your hair. But you can have the last laugh with Dry Wit Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment.

30 ml - $32.99
15 ml Trial Size - $18.99


Erzulie's Mojo is a blend of peppermint and lime in perfect balance - like the best Mojito you've ever tasted. A refreshing aroma that renews the spirit - and the health of your beard.

30 ml - $32.99
15 ml Trial Size - $18.99


100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free

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Looking for something particular?

Deer Heart Solutions does custom blends!