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Does heightened stress have you feeling stuck or lost?

Find your center and lift your mood.

Lightness of Being

Aromatherapy for Heightened Stress

10 ml Roller Bottle - $18.99
15 ml Essential Oil Blend - $27.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats - $24.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats & Coconut - $24.99

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Ease stress and feelings of depression and sorrow and find a way to truly be in the moment. This blend of conifer and citrus oils uplifts the spirit and allows for a shift in mindset so you can move away from negative thoughts, reminding us of joy and giving us the energy to process our experiences. Get centered and grounded amidst the chaos of your situation and feel the weight lift off your shoulders, creating a lightness to being.

Heightened and on-going stress impacts every system in our body. Our muscles are tight and hold onto toxins. We get horrible tension headaches. It can affect our breathing, such as shortness of breath or hyperventilation, which can lead to panic attacks and a buildup of carbon dioxide. While the release of the hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol help us have the energy to get through a stressful experience, if the stress is on-going, this weakens our immune system and strains our nervous system - and this impacts every part of the body. We then experience chronic fatigue and are prone to depression, anxiety, obesity, decline in libido, absent or irregular menstruation, insomnia, and more. With normal stress we experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. With heightened and on-going stress, this can lead to a higher risk of hypertension, heart attack, or stroke. 

When experiencing heightened stress, it's important to find ways to be in the present moment, without anxious worry of the future or fixating on the past. If we can calm our thoughts and body, we won’t release the hormones that cause the cascade of issues. Lightness of Being is a blend of conifer and citrus aromas that helps you get centered and grounded amidst the chaos of your situation. The anxiety is replaced with uplifted spirits and optimism.

Yin and Tang...I mean Yang

Conifer and citrus essential oils are like yin and yang. Conifers are grounding and promote feelings of comfort, security, and well-being. Citrus are energizing, refreshing, and mentally stimulating.

But they are both purifying and anti-inflammatory and provide direct support to the endocrine and immune systems. This helps us in expunging the negative, toxic thoughts that plague us while removing toxins from the body and easing physical and emotional pain. They both enhance our mood, promote feelings of calm, balance our emotions, and manage feelings of anxiety.

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Feel the weight lift off your shoulders

  • Ease feelings of fear, grief, anger, anxiety, and depression

  • Relief from emotional exhaustion

  • Cleanse the spirit off negative thoughts

  • Improve short-term memory

  • Sooth and balance emotions

  • Get grounded and centered lifting your mood

  • Tap into gratitude

  • Be in the present moment

  • Helpful when meditating

  • Aids in self reflection

  • Ease physical and emotional paid

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Methods of Use

Roller Bottle

Topical aromatherapy in roller bottles allows you to take the essential oil blend with you. The blend has been diluted so it is safe for applying to skin. Topical aromatherapy works in two ways. You get the immediate benefit of the aroma. And, the essential oil compound enter your bloodstream through your skin.

Rub the roller ball on any of these pulse points so the scent will be released for longer periods:

  • inner wrists

  • the base of the throat

  • behind ear lobes

  • in the cleavage

  • behind knees,

  • the inner elbows

In Diffuser

Add the recommended amount of oil to your electric diffuser. This will release the essential oil compounds into the air. This is good for on-going support.

The essential oil blend is not diluted. Do not apply to your skin or bath unless it has been safely diluted in a proper carrier.

Bath Bouillon

Just 2-4 tablespoons of Bath Bouillon safely disperses essential oils, soothing oats, and moisturizing coconut milk into your bath water. Our 8 oz package is enough for 4-8 baths. You get more opportunities to enhance your bathing experience while spending less per bath than with specialty bath salts, and we are not contributing to environmental damage due to unnecessary+

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The symbolism

The jellyfish is lightness and ease of movement, personified. It teaches us that we should not carry more than we absolutely need. When your life feels like a hurricane of responsibilities or emotions, the jellyfish says to stay calm and relax. The constant and unpredictible flux of anxiety, fear, stress, anger - these wind us up. Our muscles tighten up, our stomach ties up in knots, our thoughts are fixated. We need to release the tension to get through the storm with minimal damage. There is nothing we can do to change the situation. All we can do is alter how we respond to it. 

But this does not mean we ignore the truth of the situation. Heightened stress makes us  emotionally fragile and prone to react to things rather than respond. We must remember that we are delicate, thin skinned. While you are navigating the waters of stress, be aware and avoid people, places and things that may not handle you with care or may trigger a negative response. Shield yourself. 

And the jellyfish is transparent. The jellyfish tells us that in this time, it is important to be fully and openly honest with yourself. You cannot fully move through the feelings unless you face them, head on. Even the parts that may sting.

Chemical Connection

Essential oils are organic compounds, with each containing hundreds of individual chemicals, with the vast majority at levels of less than 1%. Terpenes are the chemicals that give each oil its unique aroma as well as some of the therapeutic benefits. The chemical compound most prevalent in conifers is the terpene alpha-Pinene/beta-Pinene; for citrus, it is Limonene. These three terpenes all belong to the sub-category of monoterpene - meaning, their chemical make up is similar. 

Most conifers contain a not-insignificant amount of Limonene, and several citrus plants contain alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene or a combination of both. For example:

  • Fir Balsam is 12.5% alpha-Pinene and 9.5% Limonene

  • Juniper Berry is 30% alpha-Pinene, 7% beta-Pinene, and 4.5% Limonene

  • Bergamot is 38% Limonene and 7% beta-Pinene

  • Lime is 2.5% alpha-Pinene and 55.5% Limonene

  • Silver Fir is 15% alpha-Pinene, 22% beta-Pinene, and 22% Limonene

You can learn more about these chemical compounds here.


100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free

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10 ml Roller Bottle - $18.99
15 ml Essential Oil Blend - $27.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats - $24.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats & Coconut - $24.99

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