Our Story

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Living in New Mexico, every day shows me something to remind me of the beauty and power of nature. I have been in search of balance and grounding and I turned to nature to help me find it. In 2010, I started creating essential oil blends to improve my mental health and skin.


I soon was blending oils to address a wide range of issues. I created a blend to help a friend heal from a broken heart. I worked with a friend to develop a blend to he could use when his anxiety was bad. I created several blends to help with skin issues. And I created a blend to help myself - and many friends - quit smoking. 

Every blend received a positive response, but I was focused on my career and saw essential oils as a creative and healing pursuit that I could share with friends. When I started my consulting business to help small business owners find focus and balance in work and personal life, I realized issues faced in personal life were a huge factor in the success of a business - something not acknowledged by the SBA. I began sharing essential oil blends to clients who requested it - to help with insomnia or anxiety or other stressors. 

I decided I want to share my balancing blends with more people. And so, Deer Heart Essentials was born. My original blends have been refined and are among the products available today.