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Our Story


Living in New Mexico, every day brings a reminder of the beauty and power of nature. I have been in search of balance and grounding and I turned to nature to help me find it. In 2010, I started creating essential oil blends to improve my mental health and skin.


I soon was blending oils to address a wide range of issues, for myself, family, friends, and colleagues. Every blend received a positive response, but I was focused on my career and saw essential oils as a creative and healing pursuit only. When I started my consulting business to help small business owners find focus and balance in work and personal life, I learned the issues faced in personal life were a huge factor in the success of a business and yet not something openly confronted by consultants or business support agencies, like the SBA. I began sharing essential oil blends with clients who requested it - to help with insomnia or anxiety or other stressors. 

As the world grows increasingly crazy, I decided I want to share my balancing blends with more people. And so, Deer Heart Solutions was born.

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Our Approach


Everything we consume should be sourced sustainability and ethically and should leave as little waste as possible. While recycled and recyclable materials have come a long way, the styling for green, eco-friendly products does not match everyone's aesthetic. But, luxury and sustainability can co-exist.

Our approach is this:​

  • Create thigh-quality products that produce results

  • Give you amazing shopping experience 

  • Use only 100% plant-based ingredients

  • Never use fillers 

  • Source ingrdients that are cruelty-free & ethically sourced

  • Have close to zero waste by packaging in resuable materials

  • Ensure safe practices in development and manufacturing

  • Support our community while supporting ourselves

  • Have gorgeous presentation

  • Have fun while doing it

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Our Values


My personal and business values are set in the framework of social good. What this means for my business is that Deer Heart Solutions seeks to find a balance between profit, sustainability, and social impact. To do this, Deer Heart Solutions follows the ideas set forth by Nobel. While we are but a small business selling beauty products and beautiful smells - we believe we can do our best work and provide the best products if we always strive to do our best in the areas of Science, Medicine, Economics, Education, and Humanity. We do this so that we can all find balance and peace within ourselves, our communities, and beyond.  

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We take a scientific approach to all aspects of creating our products. We do intensive and on-going research. The first step in developing a blend is study. We generally start with the issue to be addressed. Then we research what essential oils, botanical extracts, and carrier oils have been documented as helping address that issue. To help in this step, we have created a database that is constantly being updated with more information about each ingredient. The study of these ingredients includes their theirapeutic benefits, reviewing scientific papers, learning about their chemical compounds, understanding possible reactions and safe dilution levels, their history, how they may interact with other oils, their aromatic properties and the aromas they pair well with, viscocity, comedogenic rating, pH levels, and much more. Once we develop a blend we like, we have a group of trusted colleagues try it out and provide feedback.


But the scientific approach also applies to other aspects of running our business. Research has gone into everything, such as finding the best wholesalers who have high quality products and good prices and who operate ethically. We have created a production process based on the international cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products) which helps businesses identify and mitigate the risks associated with production that can impact product safety and quality. We do this because we want all of our products to be safe and effective - something you can rely on.



Deer Heart Solutions does not sell any product meant to cure or prevent a medical condition of any kind. Our products help mititgate symptoms we may experience from daily living and even symptoms brought on by a medical condition. EIf you are looking to treat a medical condition, some of our cosmetic topical oils and fragrances may support you, but should only be used after consulting with your doctor.

While every ingredient in Deer Heart Solutions is 100% plant-based and natural, it is vital to remember that "natural" does not mean "safe." The chemical compounds found in essential oils and botanical extracts can, indeed, be helpful in supporting health and wellness. But they can also have adverse effects. Our committment to ethics in medicine is by communicating these facts to our customers, always, as well as by informing you, to the best of our ability, possible adverse reactions caused by any given ingredient. 

A New Kind of Sustainability

Deer Heart Solutions creates luxurious products of the highest quality using 100% plant-based ingredients that are ethically sourced. And, as our business grows, more and more of the packaging will use REUSABLE materials. 

We don't use bubble wrap. Your products are carefully wrapped in a hand-woven organic Turkish towel.

Soon, we'll use white opal glass or black violet glass bottles with removeable labels so you can use the bottles for anything you want. The bath powders will come in air-tight stainless steel canisters that you can later use for coffee, tea, sugar, etc. We will continue to find creative ways to enhance your purchase and limit our impact.



We have developed a pricing model that allows for more people to access the highest quality products. Because we do not use fillers, these products are potent and very little needs to be used. This means a bottle of oil will last longer. For example, a 15 ml bottle of face serum will last approximately 2 months. We also provide on-going weekly or monthly specials with discounts on featured products and provide discount coupons.


Giving Back

Giving back and supporting the community is a core tenet for Deer Hearts Solutions owner, Alexis Brown. Through her consultiung business, she contributed tens of thousands of dollars worth of time and service to support small businesses struggling through the pandemic. When more of us succeed, we all benefit.


And, in that same vein, because of the high rates of anxiety and other symptoms of trauma and grief, we want as many people as possible to have access to helpful tools. So, all Deer Heart Solutions' plastic aromatherapy inhalers that directly address trauma, grief, and anxiety will be permanently discounted. And, should the listed price still prove to be difficult to pay, we invite you to contact us. We will give you a coupon for an additional discount or a free inhaler, no questions asked.


For those who pay the full listed price, the profits will be donated to these New Mexico nonprofits: 


We want customers to have access to information about the products. This is why we have a detailed information page for each product that includes ingredients, unique properties, chemical compounds and nutrients, instructions on application, and more. We also have information about each ingredient on the About the Oils page.