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Our bodies and minds are impacted by the stressors we face every day – toxins, UV radiation, dehydration, stress, anxiety. People lack a general sense of well-being, and the unregulated and saturated health and beauty care industry generates billions of dollars each year by marketing to people’s insecurities. They drain natural resources, produce huge amounts of waste, and are notorious for selling products that can be harmful to people and planet. And, to top it off, despite dumping billions of dollars into marketing, they manage to alienate and ignore a huge segment of their customer base - people like me. 

Deer Heart Solutions harnesses the power of nature to create unique oil blends that nourish, protect, and rejuvenate. Each formula includes a special therapeutic aromatherapy treatment, helping you find balance in skin, hair, mind, and heart.

Our hand-crafted small-batch blends of essential oils and other botanicals were developed using the wisdom of our ancestors and modern biochemists. Our beauty care and aromatherapy products are backed by science and proven effective through testing with real people. 

Each product is made with ingredients from ethical and sustainable sources and have been tested for quality and purity. Each blend began by targeting a specific problem area or concern, but all have been formulated to be well-rounded - they nourish, protect, and renew both body and spirit. 

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Everything we consume should be sourced sustainability and ethically and should leave as little waste as possible. While recycled and recyclable materials have come a long way, the styling for green, eco-friendly products does not match everyone's aesthetic. (Raise your hand if you're tired of kraft paper and green leaf logos or if you want your skincare to look better than your laundry detergent.) But, luxury and sustainability CAN co-exist.

The approach is this:​​

  • Create high-quality products that produce results

  • Give you an amazing experience 

  • Use plant-based and earth-based ingredients 

  • Never use fillers 

  • Purchase from suppliers who source ingredients ethically & do not test on animals

  • Have close to zero waste 

  • Ensure safe practices in development and manufacturing

  • Support our community while supporting ourselves

  • Present the products in a unique and beautiful way

  • Have fun while doing it

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My personal and business values are set in the framework of social good. Deer Heart Solutions seeks to find a balance between profit, sustainability, and social impact. To do this, we follows the ideas set forth by Nobel. While we are but a small business selling beauty products and beautiful smells - we believe we can do our best work and provide the best products if we always strive to do our best in the areas of Science, Medicine, Economics, Education, and Humanity. We do this so that we can all find balance and peace within ourselves, our communities, and beyond.  


We take a scientific approach to all aspects of creating our products. We do intensive and on-going research. The first step in developing a blend is study. We generally start with the issue to be addressed. Then we research what essential oils, botanical extracts, and carrier oils have been documented as helping address that issue. To help in this step, we have created a database that is constantly being updated with more information about each ingredient. The study of these ingredients includes their therapeutic benefits, reviewing scientific papers, learning about their chemical compounds, understanding possible reactions and safe dilution levels, their history, how they may interact with other oils, their aromatic properties and the aromas they pair well with, viscosity, comedogenic rating, pH levels, and much more. 


But the scientific approach also applies to other aspects of running our business. Research has gone into everything, such as finding the best wholesalers who have high quality products and good prices and who operate ethically. We have created a production process based on the international cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products) which helps businesses identify and mitigate the risks associated with production that can impact product safety and quality. We do this because we want all of our products to be safe and effective - something you can rely on.


Deer Heart Solutions does not sell any product meant to cure or prevent a medical condition of any kind. Our products help mitigate symptoms we may experience from daily living and even symptoms brought on by a medical condition. If you are looking to treat a medical condition, some of our cosmetic topical oils and fragrances may support you, but should only be used after consulting with your doctor.

While every ingredient in Deer Heart Solutions is natural, it is vital to remember that "natural" does not mean "safe." The chemical compounds found in essential oils and botanical extracts can, indeed, be helpful in supporting health and wellness. But they can also have adverse effects. Our commitment to ethics in medicine is by communicating what we know about each ingredient, including informing customers, to the best of our ability, any possible adverse reactions caused by any given ingredient. 

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I know it isn't easy for many people to buy a 1-ounce product that costs $20 - $60. But, as you consider the price, here are some other points to consider:

  • Our ingredients are really good.

  • A 1-ounce bottle of serum will last you 3-4 months - which is about $0.50 a day.

  • We sell Trial Sizes so you don't need to drop cash until you know it's something you like and works for you.

  • Products available in our Refill Program cost 15% less than the original price.

And, even though each product was developed to target a specific issue or area of the body, the majority of our oils and serums are non-comedogenic, which means they can be used #NoesToToes. If cost is an issue, but you still want to create a ritual of self-care, you can use our lower-priced items in multiple ways. For example, our shaving oils and body oils may not have all the essential oils found in our serums, but they will still do a great job at softening and protecting your face and hair. If a product contains ingredients not suitable for your face, we'll tell you. 


Giving back and supporting the community is a core tenet for Deer Hearts Solutions' owner. When more of us succeed, we all benefit.


Because of the high rates of anxiety and other symptoms of trauma and grief, we want as many people as possible to have access to helpful tools. Should the listed price for the Deer Heart Solutions' aromatherapy products that directly address trauma, grief, and anxiety prove to be difficult to pay, we invite you to contact us. We will give you a coupon for a discount or a free product.


For those who pay the full listed price, the profits will be donated to these New Mexico nonprofits: 


We want customers to have access to information about the products. This is why we have a detailed information page for each product that includes ingredients, unique properties & benefits, safety concerns, and more. We are working on pages to provide detailed information about different properties and concerns for different chemical constituents.

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