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Photographer Daniel Quat partner with Deer Heart Consulting

Daniel Quat

Photographer Daniel Quat partner with Deer Heart Consulting

Daniel Quat is a photographer with a broad range of specialties. Among them are business and corporate photography and branding photography​. A professional photographer since 1973, he has built a list of clients that includes Fortune 500 companies, department stores, national magazines, and advertising agencies. That list also includes Santa Fe businesses and nonprofits - from dance troupes and Nia instructors to dentists and finance management firms. He is an excellent choice of photographer for your business' products, services, establishment, AND team. 

It's important to have quality photos of your team on your website, so customers can put a face to the name. Some styles of photos are more appropriate for certain industries than for others. Luckily, Daniel can do them all. Not only can he provide traditional headshots, he can provide staff photos that allow the personality of the business to come through, such as portrait headshots taken out of the studio, group photos, and photos of the work in action. 

Daniel can capture the essence of you and your business because he is skilled at creating a space where people feel comfortable in front of the camera. It is partly due to his warm and friendly personality. But it is also because of his intentional process of working with clients. He keeps open lines of communication and pays special attention to his subject's comfort level. He works with people at their pace, which allows them to relax. And when that happens, his photos come to life. 

Daniel and I worked together in 2015, and we quickly became friends because of our shared love of people and our passion for helping share their stories with authenticity. Over the years, our friendly conversations turned into very personal and philosophical discussions. Through these conversations, we were able to develop the approach for marketing a series of commissioned photographs (see my Portfolio). I wrote a description of the series for an exhibit, and Daniel has invited me to partner with him on turning the series into a photography book.

It's such a joy being both friend and professional partner with Daniel. I encourage you to scroll through examples of his work, below, and get in touch with him via his website to see how he can help you tell the story of your business.

Visit Daniel at his website:

Deer-Heart-Consulting-Graphic-Forest-Sky-Birds-Easter-Egg-Forest-Spirit (1).webp

Deer Heart Consulting's Partner & Collaborator



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