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About Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil

Get rid of dull skin & negative thoughts & gain clarity in complexion & ideas.

Cockatoo graphic for Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil by Deer Heart Solutions

Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil revitalizes dull skin and visibly reduces the appearances of wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. It will help your other products absorb more quickly and deeply. And, when used before shaving, it helps reduce irritation.

This oil-based exfoliant rinses clean with warm water. The exfoliation comes from the Alpha Hydroxy Acids and enzymes in the Papaya Fruit Extract and Papaya Leaf Extract, and from the gentle, water-soluable biodegradable plant-based Jojoba microbeads.

The essential oil blend includes grounding Frankincense Serrata, uplifting Sweet Orange, and warm and earthy Turmeric - all of which support healthy skin. They also work together to help clear away negative thoughts so you can focus on what matters.

This product includes a natural preservative that meets ECOCERT standards and offers broad-spectrum protection against Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and molds.

Skin Types

These are the skin types for which Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil is best suited:

Skin Condition

Aha Moment is great at addressing these skin conditions:

It's also good for certain beard conditions and to use before shaving.

Benefits to Skin & Scalp

Here are the cosmetic benefits of Aha Moment:

  • Good for use on all skin types, acne-prone skin, & damaged skin

  • Removes dead skin cells & surface impurities

  • Soothes irritated, itchy & dry skin

  • Improves skin tone & texture

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars & dark spots

  • Reduces the appearance of pore size

  • Removes excess oil from skin & scalp

  • When used prior to shaving, it decreases the chance of ingrown hairs & skin irritation

  • Improves hair volume & shine

Benefits to Mind & Spirit

Here are the aromatherapeutic benefits to Aha Moment:

  • Relaxing

  • Reduces feelings of stress or worry

  • Deepens spiritual connection by enhancing focus

  • Boosts faith in self

  • Calming and grounding

  • Enhances mood

  • Strengthens intuition

  • Opens you to being receptive to new experiences & thoughts

  • Promotes positive emotions

  • Helps address negative emotions & mental or emotional fatigue


Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil is made with plant-based ingredients that are noncomedogenic, cruelty free, GMO-free, and free from all those nasties like phthalates. I use a natural preservative that provides complete protection.

Symbolism & Backstory


Aha Moment's imagery and name are mostly built by plays on words. The essential oil blend will improve focus, get grounded, and help you find clarity. The base oils and botanicals have Alpha Hydroxy Acids - AHA for short. Finding clarity - like the exclamation one cries out when they make a discovery or have a realization. Which is what I experienced when I created these blends and just like moments you'll have with all the improved focus.

* * * * *

​In Australia, Cockatoos have different meanings assigned to them based on their coloring - from being a strong soul to being alert and focused. They have come to symbolize moments in your life when it is time to let things go - be it bad habits, negative energy, people - or, maybe dead skin cells (wink wink). They are also aligned with communication and creativity as well as regeneration.

In a traditional creation story, the Cockatoo is the first creature to ever die, and this begins their search to better understand the nature of mortality. Ultimately, the Cockatoo comes to understand that death is only a part of transformation and immortality is gained through this process of rebirth and change. (from


The Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia), native to the Philippines; the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo (C. sulphurea), native to Indonesia; and the White Cockatoo (C. alba), native to Indonesia, have all been listed as an endangered or threatened species. And while the official status of the Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami) is "Least Concern," the state of New South Wales in Australia states "Glossy Black-Cockatoos are one of the more threatened species of cockatoo in Australia and are listed as a vulnerable in New South Wales."

The plight of cockatoos bred in captivity is not much better. These birds often have severe psychological problems - which leads to horriboe behavior that drives their owners crazy. There are Cockatoo rescues around the world. If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to save these amazing birds, try contacting The Chloe Sancturary.

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