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Who is Erzulie? The Story Behind the Name

Graphic image for Deer Heart Solutions' Erzulie's Mojo  - Who is Erzulie?

Did you know that the name and imagery for each product has a backstory? This is the

story of Erzulie's Mojo.

The Hunt for a Name

Erzulie's Mojo smells like the best mojito you've ever had. A perfect balance of lime and peppermint. Some say the word mojito came from the word 'mojo', which is commonly used for charisma. The Creole word for mojo means 'magic' Some say mojo comes from moco'o, which means 'shaman or medicine man' in the African language Fulani. A few believe it comes from a word sacred to the Yoruba of West Africa - Mojuba, which means simply 'Thank you.' Others say mojo comes from the Kikongo word mooyo, meaning 'to the spirits that dwelt within magical charms.' In Vodou, a mojo is type of amulet - a bag of payers that can bring good luck.

Ancient Stories Reborn

Vodou was born in Haiti by people from Central and West Africa who had been wripped from their homes and thrust into slavery in the Carribean. Vodou started as a blending of different African stories, beliefs and religions plus a bit of Catholicism. It became a way for a displaced people to remain connected with their ancestors while building collective strength in new communities. This is why white colonizers stigmatized its rituals. The racist images they used to mock this faith still persist in media today. But Vodou is not about witch doctors pushing needles in dolls. It is an organized form of communal support with roots going back 6,000 years. Vodou is one of the world's oldest ancestral, nature-loving traditions. It's a complex system of beliefs that gives meaning to the human experience in relation to the natural and supernatural forces of the universe. Vodou connects humankind with nature and the Divine.

So, Who is Erzulie?

In Vodou, the spirits sent by the Creator to guide, heal, and protect humans are called Ioa. They shape our identity

and what connect us to the naural world and divinity. I can't even begin to fully comprehend the ciomplexity of this religion, or describe the many ways Ioa can manifest, but here is a simplified understanding of the Ioa named Erzulie.

So, who is Erzulie? Erzulie is an Ioa that represents the many faces of femininity and love. She has tremendous power and is feared as much as she is revered. One iteration describes her as a fierce protector of women, children and the neglects of society, while another form describes her as one who bestows riches. Erzulie can be vengeful and cruel and is filled with sorrow. But she is also the Goddess of Love, Goodwill, Health, Beauty, and Good Fortune. Erzulie is extravagent, beautiful, and loves to feel luxurious. Yet she suffers the burden of the world's sorrows.

Erzulie represents ideal dreams, hopes, and aspirations. She shows us that selfcare is not extravagance, but a necessary form of healing.


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