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Get rid of dull skin & negative thoughts & gain clarity in complexion & ideas.


Exfoliating Oil

Get smoother, younger looking skin with our exfoliating oil with  jojoba microbeads and papaya fruit & leaf extracts. Contains the enzyme Papain and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The essential oil blend supports skin health and provides mental clarity so you can focus on what matters.

Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil with BHAs and jojoba microbeads by Deer Heart Solutions

You've got legs and you know how to use them.


After Shave Serum for Body

All the Way Up is a warming blend used after you shave. It helps prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps & skin irritation. And it helps you recover from nicks more quickly while preventing infection.

For use on body, pubic area, and under arms.

All the Way Up After Shave Serum by Deer Heart Solutions

​Nourish your body & spirit by acknowledging all that is good.


Dry Recovery Serum

Soothe irritated, dry, itchy skin while calming rough emotions. Recover from the physical and emotional damage caused by a harsh world. Attitude of Gratitude is one of our #NoseToToes blends - it can be used on face, hair, and body. 

This oil is great for chapped noses of skiers and snowboarders and for working hands - from chef to rancher to painter.

Attitude of Gratitude dry skin and hair serum by Deer Heart Solutions

​Drink from your inner well of harmony despite feelings of dissonance & tension


Daily Serum

Oily scalp and dry hair is tough to manage. Balancing Act will reduce oil, cleanse your scalp & moisturize your hair. The result is a boost in volume, manageability and mood.

This blend is also great as a daily serum for acne-prone skin and as a beard oil.

Balancing Act Daily Serum for acne prone skin and oily scalp hair by Deer Heart Solutions

Tap into the fire within and be reminded that better times are coming.


Scalp Serum

Brigid's Cross is a scalp serum that was formulated to help reduce hair fall and hair loss/alopecia. But we can all benefit from this serum because it helps alleviate a range of symptoms, such as dry, itchy, flaky scalp, irritated scalp, oily scalp and more. Use it to maintain a healthy scalp and strengthen your hair.

BRIGID'S CROSS scalp serum for hair loss by Deer Heart Solutions

It’s no joke when winter reeks havoc on your skin & hair. But you can have the last laugh.


Oil Treatment

Dry Wit is a silky-smooth blend of oils that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to moisturize and protect your beard. The aroma is reminiscent of the moment you get the joke from that dead-pan comic. It starts serious with grounding sage, followed by the spicy Cinnamon and Black Pepper and a cheerful hint of Sweet Orange.

Dry Wit is also a great hair oil treatment & hair fragrance.

Dry Wit Beard Oil vegan by Deer Heart Solutions

Life have you spinning out? Find balance & grounding during times of anxious worry & manic panic.


Aromatherapy Body Oil

This world is crazy right now and it's important to find tools to help you separate from your negative thoughts and find your center. Equilibrium as aromatherapy helps you in the moments when things feel their worst.

Equilibrium Anxiety Relief and Panic Assist Aromatherapy Inhaler by Deer Heart Solutions

Renew your spirit & the health of your skin.


Aromatherapy Body Oil

We love the aroma of Erzulie's Moojo Oil Treatment so much we had to make it a body oil, too! It's the perfect balance of lime and peppermint - like the best mojito you've ever tasted.

Erzulie's Mojo mojito peppermint and lime body oil organic Deer Heart Solutions

Renew your spirit and the health of your hair.


Oil Treatment

There's no reason beard oils have to smell like Bay Rum or fake whiskey. Erzulie's Mojo Oil Treatment is a beard oil that smells like the best mojito you've ever tasted, with the perfect balance of lime and peppermint. It lifts your spirits, cools irritated skin, reduces acne, and prevents razor bumps after you clean up those edges.

Erzulie's Mojo vegan Beard Oil Hair Oil by Deer Heart Solutions

Meet the world head on & be confident that atleast your face is protected.


Morning Serum

Our most popular product, Face Food Morning Serums help you improve your skin tone and get velvety soft skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. The essential oil blend not only support skin health - they help you feel centered and uplifted.

Face Food Morning Serum vegan all natural by Deer Heart Solutions

Be kind to your skin & glide easy.


Shaving Oil

Glide Shaving Oil helps lubricate your skin for a closer, smoother shave. This helps prevent nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.

Lavender is loved for its aroma and its benefits to our skin. Pine is refreshing and uplifting and helps keep skin clear.

Glide Organic Shaving Oil with Scots Pine or Lavender Essential Oil by Deer Heart Solutions

​​Dare to be different - comfortable in your sense of self and without a care of what others think.


Oil Treatment

Conifers mixed with Frankincense, Black Pepper & Lemongrass may may smell like a weekend escape to the mountains or islands, but this oil is hard at work. Hulihee Mountain puts an end to beard itch, kills acne-causing bacteria, and reduces fine lines. And you get a beard that's soft to the touch with a healthy shine.

This blend works great as a hair oil treatment & fragrance, too!

Hulihee Mountain relaxing aromatherapy body oil by Deer Heart Solutions
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