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Aromatherapy Body Oil

Life have you spinning out? Find balance & grounding during times of anxious worry & manic panic.

In the moments when things feel their worst, Equilibrium will help you separate from your negative thoughts and get centered. Find a moment of calm amidst the chaotic storm of fixated thoughts and negative emotions. Developed to help during panic attacks and sever anxiety, this aromatherapy can be used by anyone who has experienced intense moments of stress, anxiety, and fear - diagnosed or not.

Essential oils cannot cure depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, or any other mental or emotional condition. But, activating your olfactory is an excellent tool for helping to 'be' in the present moment. You can turn your thoughts away from those things that give rise to fear and worry, and focus on something outside of yourself. Suddenly, the noise in your head isn't so loud anymore, you can breathe easier, and maybe even see things with a little more clarity.

NOTE: Should the listed price prove to be difficult to pay, please message me. I'll send you a code to use at checkout for a discounted Equilibrium Body Oil and/or a free Equilibrium inhaler to use when panicked. If you pay full price, the proceeds will be donated to these local nonprofits:

Equilibrium Anxiety Relief and Panic Assist Aromatherapy Inhaler by Deer Heart Solutions