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Aromatherapy Body Oil

Equilibrium has a grounding, earthy base of Sage and Vetiver. This is lifted by Clary Sage, Orange, Bergamot, Chamomile, Black Pepper, and a touch of Clove. An excellent choice if you ever experience anxiety.


  • Good for all skin types

  • Can also be used on dry hair

  • Absorbs quickly & is not greasy

  • Soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin

  • Moisturizes & skin while locking in moisture

  • Reduces signes of aging

  • Rejuvenating to tired, dull skin

  • Hair sealant

  • Helps prevent split ends & brittleness of hair


  • Nurturing & calming

  • Calms anxious feelings & eases nervous tension

  • Helps you to get grounded & find your center

  • Alleviates feelings of sadness, loneliness & isolation

  • Helps to find clarity in moments of chaos & self-doubt

  • Steadies emotions

  • Helps you pay attention to where you are holding stress in your body

  • Removes obstacles & emotional burdens

  • Aids in separating from negative thoughts & living in the present moment

  • Releases fear, grief & regret

  • Decreases confusion & fatigue

  • Improves mood & increases optimism

  • Supports the Endocrine System


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Click the images to learn more about each ingredient.


If using two-pumps of oil once a day, a 3.3-ounce bottle will last you around four to five months.


Use daily to once a week. As a body oil, it is best when applied after a shower but you can use it anytime. If you have extremely dry skin, try applying it before your shower. This will prevent soap from stripping your skin of natural oils.

To apply, rub two to three pumps of oil in your hands to warm the oil then massage into skin. Work in small sections, adding small amounts of oil as needed.

AROMATHERAPY - Anxiety & Panic

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety - or even panic - rub a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands then cup your hands over nose. Close your eyes and slowly (and silently) count to five as you breathe in through your nose. Hold your breath for a moment then breathe out through your mouth, pushing the air with your diaphragm as you count to seven. Repeat. On the third round, repeat the process but this time without your hands over your face. Pay attention to how your body is feeling. Has your heart rate slowed? Is it easier to breathe?

Repeat the entire process again, but now as you breathe in, focus your thoughts on the aromas. Try to identify each scent or name how each makes you feel. On the third breath, remove your hands from your face and try to breathe in even slower. Pull your breath deep into your belly. Exhale slowly, but with forceful control. And, try to push out every last bit of air from your lungs. Take a fourth breath in through your nose and county to five then exhale and count to seven. Do another body and mind check. If your heart rate is still up, repeat the process.


Detangle and boost softness by adding one pump of oil to your conditioner.


Use once per week. This method is one of the best ways to use hair oil. It prevents dehydration, prevents your hair from getting water-logged, and prevents shampoo from stripping your natural oils.

Put two pumps of serum in your palms and rub together to lightly warm the oil. Grab a small section of hair and run the lower portion through your hand to coat with oil. Apply more serum in small amounts until all ends of your hair have been coated. (No need to saturate.) Leave in for 1 or more hours or overnight, then wash and condition as normal. (You may need to wash twice or use a clarifying shampoo.)


Some ingredients are considered phototoxic or sensitizing. Wear sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 12 hours after use.

Avoid if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure.

Consult with your doctor prior to using if you:

  • are pregnant

  • have a chronic medical condition

  • use prescription medication

For external use only. Do not ingest. Spot test prior to using. Discontinue use should you have an adverse reaction. Use only the advised amount. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not apply near your eyes. Discontinue use if there is a noticeable change to color, texture, or aroma.


Natural products have a shorter shelf life than most health and beauty care products because they do not use the same type or same amounts of chemical preservatives. This is one reason Deer Heart Solutions creates small-batch, hand-made products - so you are getting the freshest products we can provide.

To prolong the life of your product and prevent oxidation or bacterial growth, keep the top firmly closed. Store your bottle out of direct sunlight and away from heat and moisture.



The Crane

Equilibrium is a blend I created with my best friend. He worked his entire life to find ways to manage his anxiety, depression, and Bipolar Disorder. It was a painful struggle and he often voiced his gratitude for his Equilibrium inhaler , which he used during those times when he felt like he was "spinning out."

It was his encouragement and support that inspired me to start the journey of opening Deer Heart Solutions. And, while he is no longer with us, his creative, loving spirit and life-long search for joy, balance, health, and connection permeate this business. They are threaded throughout every story and they are the foundation for every blend.

*. *. *

The crane symbolizes wisdom, longevity, keen-mindedness, balance, self reflection, and clarity. In cultures around the world, they are connected with the divine, spirituality, and magic.

The crane is often shown standing on one leg - a sign of balance. They represent deep internal wisdom. If you've ever seen a crane in the wild, they are often perfectly still, looking out at nothing as if they are pondering the questions of life and mortality.

The crane is also celebrated for its fluid, graceful movements. There are several styles of kung-fu inspired by the crane. Greek and Roman myths often portrayed the dance of cranes as a love of joy and a celebration of life. Crane dances are done by Koreans, the Ainu (indigenous to Japan), the Chumash (indigenous to southern California), aboriginal Australians, the Creeks (indigenous to the southern United States), and more. In Japan, there is an ancient dance called Shirasagi-no-mai (White Crane Dance). It was originally performed to drive out the plague and to purify the spirits on their passage to the next world.

Romans regarded the crane as a symbol of endurance and renewal. People carried crane wing talismans, believing they aided travelers when the road became long and difficult. Some tales describe the crane as a protector, watching over people and protecting them from evil. Aesop describes the crane as a wise problem solver. In China and Japan, the crane is seen as good luck, and calls to mind prosperity and a long life.

In Japan, it is a national treasure and is considered the bird of happiness. It is depicted in art, literature, and mythology as a symbol of good luck and longevity because it is said to live 1,000 years. There is a prayer in Japan, told by mothers wanting protection for their children:

“O flock of heavenly cranes

cover my child with your wings.”

Equilibrium shows two cranes facing each other. They represent the many voices inside our head that often fight with one another. People often deny their mental health issues - we must show a pretty face to the world. We try to pretend like these parts of us don't exist. But there is no shame in experiencing mental health struggles. The two cranes of Equilibirum call on us to face our shadow side - to accept it and learn from it.

Learn that the first step to finding balance is to find your center and get grounded. Learn that self-reflecton can bring clarity. Learn that you can endure - and your resilience and grace will ultimately bring happiness.

Sage plant line drawing

While the ingredients listed above have a long history of therapeutic use and multiple applications and there is ever-increasing scientific research into their chemical structures and the benefits they provide, the statements made on this website have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease but to help you look, feel, and smell better.

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