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Aromatherapy Body Oil

Lightness of Being is a blend of conifer and citrus essential oils that help you find your center and ditch the stress.


  • Good for all skin types

  • Absorbs quickly & is not greasy

  • Soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin

  • Moisturizes & softens skin & hair

  • Reduces signs of aging

  • Rejuvenating to tired, dull skin

  • Hair sealant

  • Helps prevent split ends & brittleness of hair


  • Releases feelings of anger & irritability  

  • Eases feelings of stress, grief, anxiety & depression  

  • Uplifts mood & balances emotions  

  • Boosts confidence & self-assurance  

  • Increases feelings of happiness  

  • Improves mental clarity  

  • Energizing & stimulating  

  • Grounding, helping to get centered & be in present moment  

  • Releases worry, shame, guilt & fear  

  • Eases nervous tension  

  • Can help ease symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder  

  • Relieves emotional & mental exhaustion  

  • Expunges negative thoughts  

  • Aids in self reflection  

  • Eases physical & emotional pain


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Click the images to learn more about each ingredient.


If using two-pumps of oil once a day, a 3.3-ounce bottle will last you around four to five months.


Use daily to once a week. As a body oil, it is best when applied after a shower but you can use it anytime. If you have extremely dry skin, try applying it before your shower. This will prevent soap from stripping your skin of natural oils.

To apply, rub two to three pumps of oil in your hands to warm the oil then massage into skin. Work in small sections, adding small amounts of oil as needed.


Detangle and boost softness by adding one pump of oil to your conditioner.


Use once per week. This method is one of the best ways to use hair oil. It prevents dehydration, prevents your hair from getting water-logged, and prevents shampoo from stripping your natural oils.

Put two pumps of serum in your palms and rub together to lightly warm the oil. Grab a small section of hair and run the lower portion through your hand to coat with oil. Apply more serum in small amounts until all ends of your hair have been coated. (No need to saturate.) Leave in for 1 or more hours or overnight, then wash and condition as normal. (You may need to wash twice or use a clarifying shampoo.)


Some ingredients are considered phototoxic or sensititzing. Wear sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 12 hours after use.

Consult your doctor prior to use if you:

  • have epilepsy or any other seizure disorder

  • are pregnant

  • have a chronic medical condition

  • use any prescription medication

This product is for external use only. Do not ingest. Spot test prior to using. Avoid applying near the eyes. Use only the advised amount. Discontinue use should you have an adverse reaction or if there is a noticeable change to the color, texture, or aroma. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Natural products have a shorter shelf life than most health and beauty care products because they do not use the same type or same amounts of chemical preservatives. This is one reason Deer Heart Solutions creates small-batch, hand-made products - so you are getting the freshest products we can provide.

To prolong the life of your product and prevent oxidation or bacterial growth, keep the top firmly closed and store your bottle out of direct sunlight and away from heat and moisture.



The Jellyfish

The jellyfish is lightness and ease of movement, personified. It teaches us that we should not carry more than we absolutely need. When your life feels like a hurricane of responsibilities or emotions, the jellyfish says to stay calm and relax. The constant and unpredictable flux of anxiety, fear, stress, anger - these wind us up. Our muscles tighten up, our stomach ties up in knots, our thoughts are fixated. We need to release the tension to get through the storm with minimal damage. There is nothing we can do to change the situation. All we can do is alter how we respond to it.

But this does not mean we ignore the truth of the situation. Heightened stress makes us emotionally fragile and prone to react to things rather than respond. We must remember that we are delicate, thin skinned. While you are navigating the waters of stress, be aware and avoid people, places and things that may not handle you with care or may trigger a negative response. Shield yourself.

The jellyfish is also transparent. This tells us that in these stressful times, it is important to be fully and openly honest with yourself. You cannot fully move through the feelings unless you face them, head on. Even the parts that may sting.

Line drawing of a tangerine branch with fruit and flower

While the ingredients listed above have a long history of therapeutic use and multiple applications and there is ever-increasing scientific research into their chemical structures and the benefits they provide, the statements made on this website have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease but to help you look, feel, and smell better.

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