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Bathing Aromatherapy Drops

You know that feeling when a weight lifts off your shoulders? Yeah - it's like that.

Conifer and citrus essential oils are like yin and tang....I mean yang.

Conifer essential oils are grounding and promote feelings of comfort, security, and well-being. Citrus essential oils are energizing, refreshing, and mentally stimulating.​ But they are both purifying and provide direct support to the endocrine and immune systems. This helps us to expunge the negative, toxic thoughts that plague us while removing toxins and easing physical and emotional pain. They both enhance our mood, promote feelings of calm, balance our emotions, and manage feelings of anxiety.

Ease stress and feelings of depression and sorrow and find a way to truly be in the moment. Uplift your spirit and allow for a shift in mindset so you can move away from negative thoughts. Get the energy and focus needed to process. Get centered and grounded amidst the chaos of your situation and feel the weight lift off your shoulders, adding a lightness to being.

Lightness of Being de-stress Bathing Aromatherapy Drops by Deer Heart Solutions