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Synergy Blend for Relaxing Mind & Body

Protect yourself & remember to prioritize down-time for self-care.

Get ready to hibernate - for the night. Oso Good Synergy Blend combats insomnia with the soothing and calming aromas of two well-known for helping you get to sleep: Lavender and Himalayan Cedarwood.

Cedarwood and Lavender have a slightly playful balance with one another in this blend. One moment, the dominant aroma is lavender, but soon Cedarwood is at the forefront. Only to have Lavender take center stage once more. Like a teeter-totter. Or, a light-hearted exchange. I credit this feeling to the fact that the two aromas, while seemingly quite different on the surface, have many similarities.

Himalayan Cedarwood is a towering evergreen - reaching over 200 feet tall when growing in its natural habitat. It has a grounding, deep, woody, slightly earthy aroma with a touch of camphor. BUT - it is also quite sweet - as sweet as Lavender. And its cones are, at times, a lovely shade of purple. lavender is a sweet flroal scent born from it's cluster of tiny flowers. But, it's no shrinking violet. Lavender is also an evergreen and has a distinctly herbaceous aroma with a tinge of camphor.

Himalayan Cedarwood and Lavender are the same, but different. They're like sibling bear cubs playing in the meadow one last time before they hunker down for the winter.

OSO GOOD  Synergy Blend for insomnia by Deer Heart Solutions