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Botanical Serum

Take Flight Daily Serum by Deer Heart Solutions

Take Flight Botanical Serum was designed for our bald-headed brethren - whether shaven or au naturel - because it reduces dandruff, keeps skin soft, and adds a protective barrier. I fell in love with it as a face serum because it absorbs quickly, smells amazing, reduces acne, and makes my skin smooth and soft.


  • Helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals from UV & environmental pollutants 

  • Balancing & protecting

  • Soothes & reduces dry, flaky, itchy scalp

  • Creates protective barrier & locks in moisture 

  • Softens skin 

  • Encourages skin cell turnover to help recover from nicks from shaving

  • Prevents infection & reduces chance of ingrown hairs & blemishes

  • Mild exfoliant

  • Reduces the appearance of sunspots/dark spots, scars, & wrinkles

  • Improves complexion & gives you firmer skin


  • Energizing & stimulating yet calming 

  • Eases stress & anxiety by helping calm the nervous system 

  • Balances emotions 

  • Provides mental clarity & helps find renewed purpose

  • Promotes the release of serotonin 

  • Boosts self-esteem, confidence & hope 

  • Promotes self-reflection & examining patterns & beliefs with honesty

  • Clears out negative energy & helps release feelings of shame & guilt

  • Inspires a more tranquil, introspective mind

  • Supports setting healthy boundaries & separating from negative people

  • Promotes a feeling of centeredness

  • Improves focus & short-term memory

  • Supports the limbic system


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Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

The eagle soars above, seeing the world from an entirely unique perspective. Their laser focus and keen insight inspires self-discovery and reaching for new heights. This is why they are sometimes seen as representing a bright future. They are sacred birds that represent integrity, freedom, independence, and a higher power.

When considering bare heads, I thought of the practice of shaving your head for religious purposes. This is known as tonsure. Tonsure is a vital step of pabbajjā - the time when a layman embarks on the path of becoming an ordained Buddhist monk. Pabbajjā translates as “to wander forth.” It is symbolic of the journey to enlightenment and freeing yourself from worldly attachments.

As you continue forth in this journey called life, always remember to look at things from multiple perspectives, strive for greatness, and act with integrity - this will bring you a true sense of freedom.

Line drawing of copaiba balsam branch