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Roll-On Aromatherapy / Fragrance

Show yourself some love & remember - you're a bad ass.

Ya Bad Self is a delectable fragrance. But it's also aromatherapy designed to help heal a broken heart - whether you are recovering from a break up or other lost relationship. There are so many emotions we move through when a relationship ends. This blend of Frankincense, Damask Rose, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, and Bergamot helps to move through these emotions with more ease.

It can help to calm the turbulent thoughts and be grounding when you are ready to release the emotions you've holding in. Release anger, find compassion, and be forgiving - of yourself and the other person. When you get low, it can help lift your spirits and soothe sorrow in times of loss. It can help your find the motivation to connect with others and ease feelings of lonliness. It helps calm you as you reflect on your path forward. Be reminded of the strength and resilience you carry.

And, if you aren't mending a broken heart, you will still love this fragrance. It bolster your confidence and opens your heart to loving yourself. So - go on with Ya Bad Self.

Ya Bad Self Roll-On Fragrance and Aromatherapy for a Broken Heart by Deer Heart Solutions