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Line drawing of plants and flowers
line drawing of plants and flowers
Graphic for Deer Heart Solutions' Aromatherapy Body Oil Gift Set - Ditch Your Troubles

Ditch Your Troubles Aromatherapy Body Oil Gift Set

PriceFrom $85.00

Give the gift of self-care with an Aromatherapy Body Oil Gift Set. This set includes all Deer Heart Solutions' custon body oil blends that help you envision a brighter future and move forward with confidence and joy. 


  1. Erzulie's Mojo fosters joy (peppermint & lime)
  2. Hulihee Mountain promotes a chill, care-free attitude & self confidence (lemongrass, black pepper & conifer)
  3. Lightness of Being helps to de-stress & live in the moment (citrus & conifer)
  4. Movin' On Up promotes optimism (rose & orange)
  5. Ya Bad Self promotes strong self-esteem & confidence (bergamot, frankincense, rose, ylang ylang, grapefruit)


You can also get this set with the addition of Simplicity Aromatic Body Oil in Himalayan Cedarwood.