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Deer Heart Solutions product on Turkish towel
Deer Heart Solutions all natural botanical serums and body oils on a Turkish towel


Save the Planet. Save Some Cash

Deer Heart Solutions is committed to sustainable practices. As we help people find health and beauty through essential oils, we are continually looking for innovative ways to produce less waste and use fewer resources while still providing you with a great experience.


Through Deer Heart Solutions' Member Refill Program, prior customers can purchase a refill using a link on your Account page. Or, when making your initial purchase, subscribe and get a refill sent to you automatically every 3 or 4 months.

Save time. Save money. Save the planet. 


Here's how it works if you want a refill but don't want a subscription:

Step 1:

Sign Up

Ya' gotta sign up to for our newsletter. There's a form at the bottom of the page.

Step 2:

Member Account

Create a member account when you make your purchase. ​


We will add links to your Account Profile for all of the products you've purchased that are elligible for a refill. Don't worry - this page is private.

Step 3:

Buy Your Refill

  • Do not discard your original bottle. 

  • Log into your account. Your private link will be listed on the left sidebar, under "Order Refills." 

  • Individual refills cost 10% less than the current retail price

  • Refill product is sent in a recyclable/reusable mylar pouch with an easy-poor spout. Save them to use as travel containers for your favorite products! 

  • We include instructions for easy transfer of product from the pouch to your bottle. And we send a little extra to cover any accidental spillage. 

Step 4:


  1. Clean your white glass bottle with warm soapy water. Squeeze the spray or pump top several times to help clear the tube.

  2. Rinse thoroughly with water then air dry.

  3. For added protection, rinse it with isopropyl alcohol and let air dry, or use a UV sanitizer.

  4. Add your new product.

Top Shelf Self-Care. Refined Sustainability.

One of our goals is to help expand how businesses and customers think about sustainability. More than using recycled/recyclable materials, Deer Heart Solutions is constantly looking for innovative ways to decrease our impact and reduce the resources used to get your amazing products to your door. 

  • We skip the bubble wrap. Instead, your product is protected during shipment by a hand-made organic cotton Turkish Peshtemal face towel. 

  • Our Refill Program was developed as a way to reduce waste. Each time you purchase a refill, that is one less bottle going into the landfill. Each refill weighs much less than when sold in a bottle, so requires fewer resources when shipping. And, by sending you the product rather than you returning your bottle for refill, it reduces costs, shipping resources, and time. 

  • ​Sustainability is involved in how we develop products. We work with suppliers who are transparent about how and where they source and create ingredients and who they work with. We choose suppliers who are also committed to sustainable practices. The majority of our ingredients are plant-based, organic, and vegan. And, while buying in bulk can cut down on costs, we buy in smaller quantities to reduce the chance of spoilage and wasted product. 

We are proud that our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment have had only positive impacts on your products. You get the best ingredients in beautiful packaging, and it's all made with love. This is what we mean when we say "Top Shelf Self-Care. Refined Sustainability." You get the best and it doesn't come in brown paper packaging. 


We hope that our choices are allowing you to create a ritual of self-care that is guilt free.

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