Moving through grief and processing trauma is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Calm turbulant emotions & gain a clear mind so you can better navigate the changes in your life.

Repose & Resilience

Aromatherapy for Mental & Emotional Exhaustion

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Inhaler - $9.99
Aluminum Inhaler - $18.99
10 ml Roller Bottle - $18.99
15 ml Essential Oil Blend - $27.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats - $24.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats & Coconut - $24.99

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When it starts to feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it is vital that you devote time and intention to caring for yourself - not just caring for those around you. As you grieve or process a traumatic experience this blend will help you replace some of the anxiety, stress, irritability, and nervous tension with calm, a quieter mind, and restful sleep. 


This blend helps you calm your turbulent and unpredictable emotions, and find mental clarity. Replace insecurity and fear with resiliency so you are better equipped to navigate change. Shift your perspective so you can call in gratitude and optimism and allow yourself to see that love exists in the world despite the experiences that harmed you.


The anti-inflammatory properties will help you find relief from tension headaches associated with your trauma or grief. And, when used in the bath, it helps relieve pain and relax your muscles. You will also further alleviate irritability, anxiety, stress, and nervous tension by finally getting a good night’s sleep. This is from the sedative qualities of the Lavender and Himalayan Cedarwood and the Neroli helping to improve production of melatonin. This blend also stimulates your endocrine system, which influences your ability to manage stress.


Recover from mental & emotional exhaustion

  • Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, depression

  • Work through feelings of anger and irritability

  • Gain a sense of calm and a quieter mind

  • Tap into resiliency so you can adapt to change

  • Find a sense of gratitude

  • Support in falling asleep

  • Restful sleep, allowing for regeneration

  • Purge negative thoughts

  • Find hope for your future

  • Emotional balance and grounding

  • Uplifted spirits

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Become better equipped to navigate difficult or uncertain times

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Using the Inhalers

Aromatherapy inhalers are one of the quickest ways to experience the benefits of an essential oil. The cotton wick inside is saturated with pure essential oils - they are not diluted by a carrier oil. When you inhale the essential oil, the aromatic compounds quickly enter your system through the bronchioles and avioles in your lungs. You don't need to wear the scent or have it diffused into a room. Aromatherapy inhalers use stronger oil - so, within seconds you can start to feel more grounded.

Use an inhaler for highly stressful times where you may be experienced heightened tension, stress, anxietry, fearf, or if you are feeling fatigue from the mental and emotional exhaustion. A deep inhalation from Repose & Reslience Aromatherapy will immediately help you find your center and a sense of calm. 

Place the tip of at one nostril. Breathe in slow and deep, counting to 5. Hold your breathe for a moment then exhale through your mouth. Take several breaths without the inhaler, deep and slow. Imagine your body is a vessel, and the air is filling you from your belly and up your chest, washing over your heart. 

Take another inhalation with the other nostril. Slow and deep. Hold your breath for a moment as you allow yourself to anchor in place.

Using Roller Bottle


Much like the inhalers, topical aromatherapy in roller bottles allows you to take the essential oil blend with you. The blend has been diluted so it is safe for applying to skin. Topical aromatherapy works in two ways. You get the immediate benefit of the aroma. And, the essential oil compound enter your bloodstream through your skin.

Rub the roller ball on any of these pulse points so the scent will be released for longer periods:

  • inner wrists

  • the base of the throat

  • behind ear lobes

  • in the cleavage

  • behind knees,

  • the inner elbows

Using in Diffuser

Add the recommended amount of oil to your electric diffuser. This will release the essential oil compounds into the air. This is good for on-going support.

The essential oil blend is not diluted. Do not apply to your skin or bath unless it has been safely diluted in a proper carrier.

Using Bath Bouillon

Just 2-4 tablespoons of Bath Bouillon safely disperses essential oils, soothing oats, and moisturizing coconut milk into your bath water. Our 8 oz package is enough for 4-8 baths. You get more opportunities to enhance your bathing experience while spending less per bath than with specialty bath salts, and we are not contributing to environmental damage due to unnecessary+


What the symbolism means

The moth is a symbol of tremendous change - death and regeneration. It reminds us to look to the light but not to ignore our shadow-selves. They represent intuition and allowing it to guide us as we navigate change. The moth is connected to the moon, our subconscious, and feminine energies. It shows us the values of creating space for calm reflection - a time of repose - and reminds us that beauty and struggle are inherent parts of transformation. Quiet time for processing and healing leads to a rebirth. Repose and Resilience.


100% Plant-Based

Handmade, Small Batch

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free


Inhaler - $9.99
Aluminum Inhaler - $18.99
10 ml Roller Bottle - $18.99
15 ml Essential Oil Blend - $27.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats - $24.99
8 oz Bath Bouillon with Oats & Coconut - $24.99

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Looking for something particular?

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