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Serums & Facial Treatments

Go beyond skin deep

Deer Heart Solutions' serums and facial treatments are blends of 100% plant-based ethically sourced oils, essential oils, and botanical extracts. Our formulations include non-comedogenic, fast absorbing, and nutrient dense oils that soften and protect and special blends of essential oils that benefit your skin and mood.

​Meet the world head on & be confident that at least your face is protected.


Face Food

Nourishing & Protecting
Morning Serum

​Face Food is like a loyal friend who comforts you and stands up for you. Get toned, velvety soft skin and start your day feeling centered and uplifted.

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5 ml Trial Size - $9.99

30 ml - $52.99

30 ml Refill - $45.10


Stop worrying about those worry lines & fight the signs of aging while you sleep.


Nox Renewal

Renewing & Relaxing
Night Serum

With some of the most nutrient-dense oils available, Nox Renewal helps combat the signs of aging - with aromatherapy that helps you relax so you can get your beauty sleep.

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5 ml Trial Size - $9.99

30 ml - $58.99

30 ml Refill - $50.15


Get rid of the things that annoy you & get the smooth, healthy skin you've wanted.


Smooth Sailing

Soothing & Protecting
After Shave Serum

A cool & refreshing serum designed to care for & protect freshly shaven faces. Don't shave? don't worry! This serum works great for irritated, damaged & acne-prone skin.

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5 ml Trial Size - $9.99

30 ml - $42.99

30 ml Refill - $36.50


Nourish your skin & find greener pastures by living with an attitude of gratitude.


Attitude of Gratitude

Dry & Chapped Skin Treatment

Originally developed as a chapped skin treatment, Attitude of Gratitude is non-comedogenic so you can use it #NoseToToes. Makes a perfect serum tor the dry, itchy skin of Winter.

Skiers and snowboarders rejoice!

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5 ml Trial  - $9.99

30 ml - $52.99

30 ml Refill - $35.10


Shed impurities & negativity to get clear, smooth skin & clarity of thought


Aha Moment

Exfoliating Skin Treatment

Aha Moment is a plant-based exfoliating oil that is abundant in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and gentle Jojoba microbeads. The aromatherapy helps you start the day with focus and clarity.

Available in Regular Formula &

a Pregnancy Safe Formula

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10 ml Trial - $10.99

30 ml - $28.99

30 ml Refill - $24.75

Quit the urge to pinch & poke & arm yourself with these 8 weapons to fight acne.


Stop the Spot

Topical Acne Treatment

The blend of essential oils in Stop the Spot are filled with the chemical compounds to help your skin kill bacteria, recover from acne, and reduce appearance of scars.

Available in Full Strength (for occasional use) or Mild (for sensitive skin or on-going use)

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10 ml Roller Bottle - $18.99

10ml Refill - $16.25

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Take care of yourself and take care of the planet with Deer Heart Solutions' Refill Program.

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