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Glide Organic Shaving Oil with Scots Pine or Lavender Essential Oil by Deer Heart Solutions
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Shaving Oil

Lubricate & Soften

Cut through the nonsense and glide easy. Glide Shaving Oil in Lavender or Scots Pine lubricates and softens your skin, which allows your razor to move easily across your skin for a close, comfortable shave. It reduces the chance you will nick yourself and it reduces skin irritation, razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Just a few drops will help reduce friction and help you get a much closer, smoother shave. It is noncomedogenic so can be used on body, face and head.

Glide Shaving Oil in Lavender or Scots Pine soothes and smooths dry, itchy skin and help recover from nicks by helping to prevent infection.


  • Softens skin

  • Lubricant that allows for a closer shave for smoother skin

  • Reduces chance of cuts & infection

  • Reduces ingrown hairs, razor burn, razor bumps, and irritation