Whether chosen or au naturel, your bare head needs care & protection.


Liberates & Protects

Bald Scalp Serum

Take Flight Bald Head Serum and After Shave Serum by Deer Heart Solutions
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  • Helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals from UV & other pollutants 

  • Balances sebum production 

  • Helps reduce dandruff 

  • Soothes irritated, itchy & dry skin 

  • Creates protective barrier & locks in moisture 

  • Softens skin 

  • Supports healing of small cuts from shaving 

  • Reduces risk of ingrown hairs 

  • Mild exfoliant & supports cell turnover 

  • Reduces the appearance of sunspots

  •  Improves circulation 

  • Prevents infection


Take Flight Bald Scalp Serum is formulated for daily use on bald heads and immediately following a shave. The blend of oils and essential oils will help prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. And, it softens your skin, locks in moisture, and reduces dandruff while strengthening your skin barrier. Plus, some say the raspberry has a high natural SPF.



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