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Line drawing of plants and flowers
line drawing of plants and flowers
Cockatoo graphic for Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil with alpha hydroxy acid by Deer Heart Solutions

Aha Moment Natural Exfoliant with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (30 mL & 110 mL)

PriceFrom $23.80


Shed impurities and negative ideas. Get clear, smooth skin and clarity of thought. 


Aha Moment Exfoliating Oil revitalizes dull skin and visibly reduces the appearances of wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. It will help your other products absorb more quickly and deeply. And, when used before shaving, it helps reduce irritation.


This oil-based exfoliant rinses clean with warm water. The exfoliation comes from the Alpha Hydroxy Acids and enzymes in the Papaya Fruit Extract and Papaya Leaf Extract, and from the gentle, water-soluable biodegradable plant-based Jojoba microbeads.


The essential oil blend includes grounding Frankincense Serrata, uplifting Sweet Orange, and warm and earthy Turmeric - all of which support healthy skin. They also work together to help clear away negative thoughts so you can focus on what matters.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Four Month
Save 12% - Glass bottle now, Refill sent every 4 months
$52.80every 4 months until canceled
Three Month
Save 15% - Glass bottle now, Refill sent every 3 months
$51.00every 3 months until canceled