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Line drawing of plants and flowers
line drawing of plants and flowers
Graphic for Dry Recovery Serum and Hydrating Serum Bundles at Deer Heart Solutions

Dry Recovery Serum & Hydrating Serum Bundles

PriceFrom $54.00

These bundles are sure to help you recover from the harsh reality of Winter dry skin and hair. Pair our new Synergy Hydrating Serum with one of our Dry Recovery Botanical Serums (Attitude of Gratitude Dry Recovery Serum or Special Delivery Sensitive Dry Recovery Serum.) 


These are noncomedogenic - safe (and effective) to use on your face, hair, and body. Rejoice! Soft, smooth skin is no longer relegated to summer!


You save 10% on the small size bundles and 15% on the large size bundles!!


All-natural ingredients. Cruelty free. Ethically sourced. Sustainably made.

Save the planet and save some cash.

Each item is elligible for re-order through the Member Refill Program. Refills cost 10% less than regular retail.  

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