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After Shave Serum for Body

All the Way Up After Shave Serum by Deer Heart Solutions

All the Way Up is an after shave serum for body. Use it in legs, pubic area, and under arms to prevent in-grown hairs and irritation from shaving. It also helps prevent infection & accelerates the healing process if you get a nick. Use with Glide Shaving Oil to get silky smooth legs for days.


  • Good for use on Body (all skin types)

  • Soothes Irritated Skin 

  • Warming & revitalizing

  • Reduce occurrance of irritation & ingrown hairs after shaving


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The Giraffe

There's no deep symbolism for All the Way Up. Just things that evoke the idea of long, beautiful legs, like a tall giraffe that is flamingo pink and a lyric from ZZ Top's song "Legs." We have a fascination with long, shapely legs. They can be more alluring, suggestive, and sensual than the more "in your face" T & A.

We've created a lot of coloquialisms for legs over the years, some of which are hilarious. Drumsticks, gams, pins, pillars, uprights, getaway sticks, stems, slegs, lallis, tree trunks, cat-sticks, underpinnings, shanks, posts, poles, stilts

Who comes to mind when you think of someone with legs for days? Tina Turner, Heidi Klum, Betty Grable, RuPaul, Cyd Charisse, Grace Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Josephine Baker, Beyonce, Brigitte Bardot, Shakira, Amber Nicole Davenport (a drag queen known as the Legs of Texas)... The list is long. Almost as long as their legs.


There are four species of giraffe and seven sub-species. The three sub-species of Northern Giraffe are critically endangered, but they have seen an increase in numbers. The Reticulated giraffe is endangered, but conservation efforts have led to the numbers doubling in the past decade. Conservation efforts have kept the Masai giraffe from becoming endangered but it is listed as vulnerable. Only two sub-species are listed as Least Concern - the Angolan and South African giraffe. To learn more and to support conservation efforts visit Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the only conservancy devoted to saving the giraffe.

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