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About Face Food Botanical Morning Serum

Meet the world head on & be confident that at least your face is protected.

Wolf graphic for Face Food Morning Serum by Deer Heart Solutions

Face Food protects and nourishes your skin, makes it velvety soft, and smells amazing. The Rose and Ylang Ylang florals are well balanced with the earthy Rosehip Seed, resinous Frankincense, and the green of Palmarosa. 

The Rosehip Seed Oil is also a major contributor to this powerhouse serum. It is nourishes, heals, and protects your skin. It contains linoleic and linolenic acid, which help your cells retain water. It is a mild exfoliant, helps brighten up your complexion, and can reduce hyperpigmentation (aka age spots and sun spots). It is packed with Vitamin A, which helps with cell regeneration, and Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production so you have improved elasticity. Rosehip Seed has also been shown to inhibit the creation of MMP-1, an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the body.

Start your day feeling calm and grounded, with a bit of cheer and uplifted mood. The stress of your busy day ahead won't get to you - partly because of the increased focus and self-confidence.

Skin Types

These are the skin types for which Face Food Botanical Morning Serum is best suited:

Skin Condition

Face Food is great at addressing these skin conditions:

Benefits to Skin

Here are the cosmetic benefits of Face Food Botanical Morning Serum:

  • Counteracts damage from the sun

  • Attacks free radicals & environmental toxins that can speed up the signs of aging

  • Reduces appearance of dark spots & scars

  • Helps keep skin firm

  • Balances & regulates sebum production

  • Softens and smooths your skin so it’s velvety soft

  • Prevents moisture loss

  • Stimulates cell turnover

  • Evens skin tone & brightens complexion

Benefits to Mind & Spirit

Here are the aromatherapeutic benefits to Face Food Botanical Morning Serum:

  • Uplifts your mood

  • Improves your overall sense of well-being

  • Provides mental clarity

  • Alleviates feelings of stress, anxiety, & depression

  • Opens your heart

  • Promotes feelings of connection


Face Food Botanical Morning Serum is made with plant-based ingredients that are noncomedogenic, fast-absorbing, cruelty free, GMO-free, and free from all those nasties like phthalates.


Wolf in snow

The wolf was chosen as the mascot for Face Food Botanical Morning Serum because this blend both nourishes and protects your skin. And it's a product you can trust and use every day.

Wolves are highly intelligent with complex communication systems. They are protective and deeply nurturing. Trust is not given freely but when it is earned they are fiercely loyal.

The wolf has come to symbolize balancing our desire to be independent, wild and free  and our deep commitment to building strong community. They show us how to be liberated, free and empowered as well as a loyal, committed member of a pack that works together. 

Wolves are prominent in lore from many Native American tribes. They are symbolic of courage, devotion and loyalty, and victory. The Pueblo people call the wolf the Guardian of the East. The  Zuni carve fetishes of wolves for protection and give them to newlyweds for a strong family bond. Wolves were also sacred animals to the Celts and seen as powerful helpers, guides, and symbols of transformation.

If the wolf can teach us anything, it’s that we must protect and care for ourselves and one another.

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